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Alpha2 Controller

The Alpha2 controller provides complete management of the resistance welding sequence for your resistance welders (spotwelder and rocker), butt welders and welding guns up to 50KVA.

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This controller is available with or without cabinet. You can see a visual of the formats and their dimensions on the data sheet. It can easily be integrated into new or used machines, and is very affordable.

Easy to use:

  • Direct programming: for easy adjustment and programming of your parameters;
  • Repeat mode;
  • Adjustment of dead times between each welding core;
  • Easy to install;
  • Easily integrated into an assembly.

Features :

  • Synchronized firing: ensures precise, consistent welds;
  • Input available for pressure confirmation and/or use of 2nd stage;
  • Thermostatic SCR protection available;
  • Transient overvoltage protection;
  • Fully digital;
  • Microprocessor control;
  • Password protection of parameters;
  • Manufactured with the latest processor technology;
  • Available on AC only.

Available options :

  • Water saver;
  • Pulse function;
  • 16 programs;
  • Constant current.


Can be configured for spotwelders and rockers, or for welding guns up to 50KVA.


Can be configured for your buttwelder up to 50KVA.


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