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We have the full range of electrode holders available. Whether it’s for a regular application, in a more difficult to access area or to do more than one weld at a time, we have the right product for you!

Universal holder

This electrode holder is modular to allow you to weld in places too small for a standard electrode holder. See its three components adjustable to your needs.

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Standard Holder

Allant d’une longueur de 3’’ à 12’’, avec un diamètre entre 3/4’’ et 1-1/2’’, il est parfait pour une application régulière.

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Multispot type electrode holder

Used on a multiple assembly, directly on a cylinder, it improves the productivity of your installation by making several welds per welding cycle.

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Offset water cooled holder

It is the electrode holder of choice when you need an angle weld (30 ° or 90 °).

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Dual electrode holder

This electrode holder is ideal when you want to make two welds simultaneously in a precise way on the same part.

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Standard electrode holder

Ranging in length from 3 "to 12", with a diameter between 3/4 "and 1-1 / 2", it is perfect for regular application.

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How do I choose the right electrode holder?

We can certainly help you and the easiest way is to contact our team!

What is the difference between standard, universal and offset electrode holder?

The standard electrode holder is straight. The universal electrode holder consists of 3 components (“2N” electrode holder, the “M” adapter and the “T” connector). The offset electrode holder mainly allows one electrode to be in an angled application.

What is the difference between the multi-spot electrode holder and the double electrode holder?

The multi-spot electrode holder is mainly used in automated installations to make several welds at the same time or at regular intervals on the same part. The double electrode holder allows two welds to be made simultaneously on a part.

You do not seem to have an electrode holder that suits my needs. Can you still help me?

We can certainly help you and the easiest way is to contact us. Give us as much information as possible about the product to be welded and your current installation and it will be our pleasure to find and/or create the solution for you.