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Here is the complete line of all the consumable products you could possibly need for your resistance welding equipment.


We have the full range of electrode holders available. Whether it’s for a regular application, in a more difficult to access area or to do more than one weld at a time, we have the right product for you!

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Here you will see the full range of electrodes available on the market. Whatever configuration you need, we will have the solution for you, even if it means creating a custom electrode!

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For all of your copper needs, we can help. It will be our pleasure to advise you on the best class of copper to have the best possible performance versus durability.

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Shunts and cables

All types of cables are custom to your needs: cable type, cable lenght, terminals and the MCM rating.

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Dressers and accessories

We offer all accessories that are available for resistance welding. By using the right accessories, it is possible to increase the life of your electrodes and, therefore, save you money.

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Measuring devices

In the spotwelding industry, measuring devices are very important. They make it possible to ensure that the basic parameters are controlled and thus reduce reject.

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Cooling systems

In order to obtain optimum performance, it is important to cool your equipment properly. We strongly recommend using our independent and efficient systems. By using this type of equipment and providing annual maintenance, this type of system provides worry-free cooling, avoids performance losses and heat-related conduction reduction.

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The transformer is one of the main components of a welder machine. By being literally at the heart of it, it delivers current to the electrodes to allow welding. It is available in a wide variety of configuration, wattage and voltage.

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Other pieces

Here is the complete line of all the consumables you could possibly need for your resistance welding equipement.

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