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Shunts and cables

All types of cables are custom to your needs: cable type, cable lenght, terminals and the MCM rating.

Dry jumper shunt (air cooled cable)

These cables allow sections of the high current power distribution to be flexibly linked.

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Water cooled welding cable

Water-cooled cables connect sections of the power distribution to the welding components.

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Dual shunt cable

Dual shunt cables connect current distribution sections to welding components.

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Laminated shunt

Laminated conduction cable is made of high conductivity copper strips. The terminals are riveted in place and are cooled by air convection.

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How do you choose between a water-cooled versus air-cooled cable?

A water-cooled cable provides superior conduction over longer lengths. It is mainly used for “gun” type installations.

Do all types of cables and shunts have the same functionality?

The conduction cables all have the same function, namely to allow conductivity between the different sections. The dual shunt cable is different in its function since it conducts, but for positive and negative polarity at the same time. It is used in a remote gun type assembly with an independent transformer configured for this application.

Can I choose the type of cable sheath?

It is possible to choose the type of jacket for air-cooled conduction cables. It is also possible to add fiberglass protection to laminated conduction cables to improve their insulation.