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The Techno-Control family is proud to distribute resistance welders, either for a press, seam, rocker or butt. We are able to provide you with the required equipment to meet your specific needs. We can also customize the spot welder to your application, whether you need a mounting jig, some automation mechanism, or any other special needs.

New Welders

Techno-Control offers a multitude of choices of new machines. We can help you find the spot welder that best suits your needs to optimize your production. You can view our inventory here or contact us for assistance or a quote.

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Remanufactured Welders

We offer you refurbished machines. You get a new machine for a fraction of the price. During remanufacturing, the machine is first completely disassembled. All parts are then inspected and tested for repair or replacement, as needed. The electrical wiring, the water and air lines are also redone. A controller...

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Techno-Control offers machine rental service. We carry several models of different size and capacity.

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Custom resistance welders

With our expertise, we can custom-design a resistance welder to meet specific needs.

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Is resistance welding (spot welding) easy to use?

With the basic knowledge (we offer training), resistance welding offers easy use, for any type of operator. There is no need for gas or supplies.

I have a product and would like to automate my process, is this possible?

You have come to the right place! By being specialists in resistance welding, we offer you the possibility of having a custom product. You are dealing directly with the manufacturer, which ensures that you have the best machine in every way.

I would like to weld nuts by resistance. What type of machine should I get?

Resistance welders will do the job just fine. You have to look at press type machines (linear) to make sure you always produce even welds.

I cannot afford to lose my machine during the remanufacturing of my machine. Are there any options for me?

We offer the possibility of renting machines. This avoids you having too long production stoppages with a quality machine (depending on availability).