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Remanfactured Welders

We offer you refurbished machines. You get a new machine for a fraction of the price.

During remanufacturing, the machine is first completely disassembled. All parts are then inspected and tested for repair or replacement, as needed. The electrical wiring, the water and air lines are also redone. A controller is also installed on the machine.

Spotwelding gun

The spotwelding gun offers the performance of a stationary welder in a compact size. It is offered in a suspended version, where it allows an operator to manipulate it. In the integrated version, it works inside a robotic cell or a production line.

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Press type spotwelder

The press type welder has linear motion with front cylinder. It allows to weld nuts, threaded rod and parts with projection by its linear movement.

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The seam type welder allows continuous welding, either circumferentially or longitudinally.

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The rocker welder has one pivot movement with rear cylinder and is used to weld sheet metal and parts requiring standard spots.

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Butt welder

The butt welder allows you to butt weld wire and is available in a single standard shape.

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Is a remanufactured welder the same as a used welder?

No. A used welder is only repaired when necessary or even sometimes remains untouched. Our welders are completely refurbished from A to Z.

I am in the production business. I do projects on demand, what is the best type of machine for me?

We recommend a spot-projection press welder to be as versatile as possible.

Can I weld nuts with a rocker welder?

No. With pivot motion, the weld will never be parallel and there will be variability in the welds. You need a press type welder.

With a remanufactured welder, do I have access to the latest technologies?

Yes. Our welders are all equipped with the most recent version of digital controller. Several options will be available to you when purchasing the machine.