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Dressers and accessories

We offer all accessories that are available for resistance welding. By using the right accessories, it is possible to increase the life of your electrodes and, therefore, save you money.

Radius tip file

Easy to use and a necessary accessory, it is affordable and helps extend the life of your electrodes.

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Tip dresser

The tip dresser works for both pointed nose and dome nose electrodes with a 4RW or a 5RW taper.

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Copper paste (PC968)

Essential accessory, it allows the electrode to conduct better so it wears out less quickly and this reduces production costs.

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Pneumatic electrode dresser

The pneumatic dresser allows profiling any electrode. With its speed of execution, it is suitable for companies with sustained production.

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Cap extractor

As its name suggests, it allows the female or male cap electrodes to be removed easily.

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Which tool is best for profiling my electrodes?

The three tools presented are of good quality. It depends on the electrodes used, your budget as well as your production. Request a quote here!

Do you have the MSDS for copper paste?

Right here in our documentation section.

Do we need accessories for the pneumatic dresser?

You will only need the blade kit specific to your electrodes. Blade sets are available for all types of electrodes and are sold separately.