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New welders

Techno-Control offers a multitude of choices of new machines. We can help you find the spot welder that best suits your needs to optimize your production. You can view our inventory here or contact us for assistance or a quote.

Spot welding gun

The spot welding gun offers the performance of a stationary welder in a compact size. It is offered in a suspended version, where it allows an operator to manipulate it. In the integrated version, it works inside a robotic cell or a production line.

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Press type spot welder

This type of welder has a linear movement with front cylinder and it allows to weld most parts thanks to an adaptable plate.

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Seam welder

The wheel welder allows continuous welding either circumferentially or longitudinally.

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Rocker type welder

It is a machine with movement on a pivot and rear cylinder, among others, used to weld sheet metal.

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Butt welder

This welder can butt weld wire and is available in a single standard shape.

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Capacitive discharge

These machines, compact and portable, allow the welding of batteries, very thin materials and various textures.

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I would like to weld small "mesh" with a spot welder, what would be the best machine for me?

A capacitive discharge! You will also find “seam” type spot welders by hand in more compact products, ideal for small thicknesses of material.

I am in the production business. I do projects on demand, what is the best type machine for me?

We recommend a spot-projection press welder to be as versatile as possible.

Can I weld nuts with a rocker welder?

No. With pivot motion, the weld will never be parallel and there will be variability in the welds. You need a press type spot welder.

I would like to have spare wheels on my "seam". Do you sell this type of part?

Sure! Contact us to get a quote according to your needs.