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Gamma2 controller

The Gamma2 controller provides complete management of the resistance welding sequence for all types of welders (spotwelders, rocker, seam, butt, spotwelding gun and multiple) on all KVA models. This controller will reduce set-up time, rejects and production costs. It will therefore enable you to produce better at lower cost.

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This controller is available in three formats: “Bench”, “Cabinet” and “Kit”. You can see a visual of the formats and their dimensions on the data sheet. It can be easily integrated into new or used machines.

Reliable and easy to use:

  • Programs and saves up to 99 welding programs;
  • Manufactured with high-quality, state-of-the-art components;
  • Digital adjustment ensures precise weld schedule consistency.


Features :

  • Fully digital;
  • Integrated pulser;
  • Microprocessor control;
  • Synchronized firing: ensures precise, consistent welds;
  • Transient overvoltage protection and thermostatic SCR protection;
  • Water-saving cooling circuit;
  • Password-protected parameters;
  • Available on AC only.

Available options :

  • Water saver;
  • Selection of 1 to 9 sequential operations by rotary knob;
  • Digital electropneumatic pressure confirmation switch with transistor output and luminescent display;
  • PLC and touch screen;
  • Weld counter (end of cycle).


Possible configuration for your rocker welder, press welder or spotwelding gun.


Possible configuration for your butt welder, allowing you to work in concert with the mechanical aspect of the process. 


You can configure your seamwelder to switch from continuous mode to stitch mode with ease.


This series allows easy integration into more complex machine packages, such as production lines and custom-built equipment.


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