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See here all the services offered at Techno-Control for your resistance welding needs.


We offer the calibration service for your measurement tools. You will be given a certificate and a confirmation label.

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Spotwelding course

Offered by our team, the benchmark in the field of resistance welding, the four-hour training is an undeniable asset for your team.

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Service call

We offer the movement of our qualified technicians to your facilities and this, in a short time.

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Rental allows you to have access to quality equipment, whether for one-off production or to avoid a production or to avoid a production stoppage in the event of a failure on your equipement.

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Preventive maintenance

This exhaustive diagnosis makes it possible to detect a possible breakage, thus avoiding possible production stoppages. Ideally to be done on an a hoc basis once or twice a year.

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This maintenance, to be done every two yearsm dissolves the lime in the cooling passages and keeps the optimum performance of your equipment.

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Technical service and advice

The Techno-Control family is proud to offer its customers technical service and advice for resistance welding.

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Refurbishment according to the rule of the art of your machine, which can be complete or partial.

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The attestation service is offered for both your machines and your measuring tools and validates that your devices offer flawless repeatability.

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I have a hard time welding and I don't know much about my machine. Can you help me?

It will be our pleasure to help you quickly. However, we advise you to go to training in order to fully understand the process. Your production will benefit greatly.

My electrodes get hot very quickly, wear out prematurely and my welds are inconsistent. Can you help me?

It is necessary to check the gallonage. If you are not getting 1.5 gallons per minute, it is likely that a descaling is necessary. Contact us to schedule a service call.

I would like to make a maintenance plan for my machine. What would be the steps to follow?

Since you are working with special machinery, we recommend that you have a preventive maintenance contract with us.